Canary Wharf is one of the busiest districts that is found on the East side of the city center of London. This top-rated and must-see getaway destination in London has a lot to offer for its visitors. Its several skyscrapers normally reflect the sky and the sun. Not to mention, its bridges possesses architectural artworks and its just a short distance from London’s center and this gives it a more amicable and calmer atmosphere.

When you pay a visit to the Canary Wharf, there exist a wide range of things to do and see. These things are not limited to the following.

1. One Canada Square
This is one of the most magnificent buildings in Canary Wharf. Further, it’s the second tallest landmark in England after the Shard. It covers a wide surface area of above 400,000 square meters and it’s the largest building in Britain. This tower climbs over fifty floors and it’s 236 meters high. The building was founded in 1991 and since then, it has been providing an effective ambiance to its visitors. When you visit London, don’t hesitate to visit this building and witness its majestic architecture.

2. Museum of London Docklands
Before Canary Wharf became an attraction of a skyscraper and London core business centers,this district was a popular port. Museum of London Docklands showcases the rich history of London ports and Canary Wharf. On its portray are River Collection and Port representing the history of London from the era settlement of Roman to the modern day development of Canary Wharf. This museum focuses on telling the story of London through the eyes of migration, commerce, and trade over the past years.

3. Meantime brewery tours
This place provides a number of tours to a couple of beers. It is the only place where you can comfortably see how beers are produced. This is the largest brewery investment in London and it has so far served both domestic and international visitors for over eighty years by now. Find time and visit Meantime brewery to learn and know more details about the brewing process and also get an opportunity to choose your best beer.

4. Canary Wharf Cross rail roof gardens
This place provides a wide range of workshops, free events and elegant performances for the whole community in the gorgeous surrounding of a roof garden. Canary Wharf roof gardens is a great representation of the geography and history of Canary Wharf. This roof garden showcases the true nature of Canary Wharf from the time it was a port and trading hub. Several plants that have been installed in the garden are exotic to the nations that were toured by West India Dock Company ships many years ago.

5. Billingsgate Market
It offers an attractive and gorgeous trading port with a huge amount of food trading taking place in Canary Wharf. It’s the biggest wholesale fish market in London where an average of about 25,000 fish products and fish are usually sold annually. This is a place where you can shop and consume a variety of fish in cafes at your will.

6.Printing Canary Wharf (Only 24 Hour Printing Service) :

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Other places where you can pay a visit in Canary Wharf include an Ice rink, Underground Station among other areas. I recommend you to visit the above-mentioned places and get a memorable experience.